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The whole idea that parrots, or parasites, could pretend to be scientists survived for far longer than it should have. This must be because of the incompetence of the few scientists who survive today. Today’s scientists gave priority to giving the appearance of being gentlemen, rather than to dealing with the attack, and total takeover, of “science” by parrots/parasites.

When properly interrogated, a parrot cannot say certain words required of a scientist. For instance, a parrot cannot say; “I have no knowledge of electromagnetic theory”. A true scientist does not claim to know everything about everything, as a parrot must.

Parrots are very limited in what they can or cannot say. They cannot comment on the results of the Wakefield experiments, because they are heretical. So the Wakefield results do not exist. In fact, the very idea of such experiments does not exist.

DHJPPT will make no comment on the Wakefield results.

Professors Tony Davies, Archie Howie, Josephson, Pepper, Palmer, Tong. When Catt carpets them, he shows he is not a gentleman. However, he may still be classed as a scientist.

Was it necessary for a rude scientist to appear among the gentlemen scientists to single handledly say, or retrieve, science?

My big mistake was to think that someone like Howie, who rose to the top of the prestigious Cambridge Physics lab knew anything except how to rise to the top of the physics lab. The Covid fiasco demonstrates to us that it better to assume everybody knows more or less nothing about anything beyond their speciality. We could now even suggest that virologists may nothing about immunology and immunologist may know nothing about virology. I think my second book “Computer Worship” discusses “language islands”. A specialist knows that the only scientific advance is in his own field, while everything else is static, as discussed in the text books. His biggest future career is if everything else remains static.

Maximum “research” funding goes to those groups who are in total agreement – who have silenced alternative views,

Ivor Catt

I feel very proud that I have triggered such magnificent response from Amber, whom I have never met. Congratulations, Amber – Ivor Catt

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Dear Ivor,

All profound and relevant science has been corrupted, muddied and distorted by a tiny handful of financiers and Big Pharma shareholders, desperate to maintain control of their created scientific paradigms and associated profits. In effect our faith in science has been weaponised by the military-industrial complex, the intelligence agency propaganda and controlled media barrage to use against humanity, now publicly and overtly, to solidify the endless thirst for power of the globalist, technocratic, new world order. All of this insanity to effect a eugenics-based depopulation attempt whilst establishing a regime of totalitarian medical dictatorship under the guise of faux-socialist/communist progressive liberalism.

‘You will own nothing and you will be happy’ by 2030 according to the WEF… enjoy 7 more years of Guardian nonsense about the evils of private property and will you be ready to hand over the keys to your house? Of course not, they will induce a cost-of-living, artificial inflation crisis on essentials like food and energy (blaming the proxy war of course), leading us all to debt, poverty, loss of business income and property… a perfect asset-stripping plan as documented all through the World Bank and IMF reports if anyone bothered to read them. Yet we are too busy reacting and arguing about titbits of media twaddle so who has the time?

Between the mRNA vaccines that snuck CRISPR gene editing technology into the oblivious, through to the fake climate change propaganda psy op… simply to test the limits of human comprehension, groupthink and acceptance of so-called ‘experts’. Now we can all understand why, or remain clueless and misguided because our ego knows better than 70 years of lies fed to us by controlled press. Quite simply, we have all partaken of false information since birth and gobbled it down because we knew no better… those days are now over. There is no excuse with 650,000 excess deaths in 2022 for anybody to pretend that the vaccine is not the cause when a few weeks of research exposes the entire scamdemic, as if the athletes keeling over on football pitches all over the world was not evidence enough. The current count for those who are interested is 1844 athlete cardiac arrests or serious issues, 1277 of them dead, since COVID injection.

The endlessly repeated propagandist mantra of ‘follow the science’, plus £310 million of public taxpayers’ funds spent on social media influencers to push the ‘safe and effective’ vaccine has led to billions of people, clueless and afraid of nothing except their TV screens, being mass medically experimented on in direct contravention of the Nuremberg Code. The attempt to induce genetic modifications and disease is almost perfect in their minds, as the same billionaires control the biotechnology industry and have planned lucrative, experimental ‘gene therapy’ treatments for those they have deliberately made sick. Factor in a lockdown wealth transfer of $4.9 trillion and all becomes clear and anyone who clings to the notion of science as a force of good in this world is clearly delusional when we all know that only a tiny fraction of science is released through the controlled press and the masses remain ignorant.

No matter how much ‘good’ may have been achieved by the human race, we have to accept that science is controlled opposition, and Big Pharma the worst offenders of all in terms of monstrous corruption, evil and harm perpetration; even funding 86% of the FDA to get their drugs pushed through by their captured agency of paid-for scientists and slick PR. They spend more on stock buybacks and dividends to shareholders through creative accounting than they do on R&D.

Under the guise of saving the world they have manipulated the art and science of medicine to perpetrate depopulation and induce infertility through vaccines, whilst generating fortunes from lifelong prescription medication for chronic health conditions, destroying lives and inducing sickness in the name of healing. In 1986 in the US only 12% of children had a long-term health condition… today that is 54%. The average US child receives 14 jabs before starting school and each one generates $30 billion per annum for Big Pharma. We can no longer deny the profound harms from vaccines and technology have made, quite literally, a future filled with more sick children than healthy ones. Why? Because a sick child generates a lot of lovely medical bills… an asthma inhaler costs between $250-350 per month in the US, insulin is marked up over 1000% profit margin. The tech devices all children (and most adults) seem to be addicted to induce ADHD and autism and the whole direction of this Gates supported tech-based education is a travesty and will create disturbed and dysfunctional children because a child’s skull is thinner and more radiation penetrates compared to an adult. This electromagnetic field radiation and over-exposure to artifical LED screens from devices has been shown to affect attention, memory and sleep quality in teens. The average person spends 3 hrs and 43 mins per day on their mobile phone, and between the psychological damage of social media, questionable online communities, sexual predators plus bullying and trolls; there is lurking another very real danger of actual brain damage that no doubt contributes to the fact that 1 in 6 children in the US is now diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disorder. When are we going to admit that something is very wrong?

I applaud MP Andrew Bridgen for his courageous decision to speak up and tell the truth about the ‘conspiracy of silence’ and the vast financial links between the key public figures, SAGE, JCVI, foundations, charities and don’t even get me started on multi-millionaire Baroness Mone who stole a few million for her children with a fat VIP fast-tracked government contract. With 237 million prescription errors every year in England alone, and medical error being the 3rd leading cause of death in the US… what else is there to say? Science may well have been used to create a false paradigm of reality, but medicine is killing people.

Considering the tobacco industry paid 20,000 medical doctors to promote tobacco and insist it was not harmful, now we understand why the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation gave Imperial College London’s Professor Niall Ferguson $79 million in Mar 2020 after he ‘swayed’ Boris with his lockdown argument on grossly over-stated, erroneous numbers and computer miscalculations on questionable software. Is it pure coincidence that he was also involved in the government committing to buy H1N1 swine flu vaccines for the entire UK population in 2009 when he was a consultant for the WHO… and also Baxter, Roche and GlaxoSmithKline. The announcement of the swine flu pandemic in 2009 generated €18 billion in government spending and fast-forward and here we have the carefully planned-for coronavirus event that was even publicly rehearsed in Oct 2019 at Event 201.

Not satisfied with getting their hands on billions in orders for vaccines, they have a multi-faceted plan in their assault on every facet of our way of life and our most innocent and vulnerable members of society. We have teachers in British schools today telling children that doctors ‘guess’ and assign sex at birth based on nothing more than genitalia, when the entire endocrine system is in direct revolt against such nonsense. Did you know a transgender child in the US will generate $1 million in medical fees if they complete a full transition and remain on medication for life? We are literally distorting reality and brainwashing an entire generation of children to believe in this anti-science, whilst liberals applaud their self-mutilation and the business of medicine laughs all the way to the bank.

I once met a neuroscientist at Sussex University (speciality motor neurone disease) who although a charming man, much-admired professor and well-funded specialist could not answer any of the diverse neuroscientific questions I wanted to ask, nor was he aware of the research being done by anyone outside his specific disease, including other neuroscientists at his own university. As an expert in a tiny way, he was oblivious to anything outside of his field, the way all good scientists are trained to be… specialisation in order to get funding. The entire paradigm of modern science is built on a web of lies, deception and corruption.

As a point of reference, there are over 211 million pieces of published science on and anybody who purports to know about ‘science’ knows but a drop in the ocean. They see only with tunnel vision and refuse to consider the multi-faceted  aspects to every human problem and solution, as they cannot accept that we do not control the direction of human science and it is certainly not an organic process. Clearly it is those who fund it whilst actively suppressing anything and anyone who dares to speak out in truth or defiance against the profit agenda. This is why they discredit everyone from Vernon Coleman to you and I. Considering there are 5000 patents withheld by Google from the public, clearly the real science is that which you have never heard of and are not allowed to know about. It is dangerous to have a mighty ego and wallow in ignorance, but very much like myself Ivor, you have the wisdom to acknowledge that there is much you do not know.

Since you mentioned Kaufman previously then you might be interested in this challenge against the whole field of virology and the pathogenic nature of a virus that rather undermines the so-called ‘contagion theory’ paradigm that we have all grown up with. I am told hundreds of virologists and microbiologists have been murdered since the 1960’s to keep this secret under wraps and protect the lucrative income stream of annual flu jabs and the rest.

Let everyone else argue the small stuff, we have a far bigger issues to ponder and these days any kind of debate with the unaware seems reasonably fruitless. They simply cannot believe the scale of the deception because it makes them feel small and stupid and the ego rejects instantly the notion that one might be wrong about anything at all really. Did you get your information from the DARPA controlled military spyweb known as the internet/Google? Well so did I, we just chose to seek out rather than be spoon-fed, hence why we cannot get along with others who prefer to keep their mind closed, hang on to their well-paying job and attempt to enjoy their prestige position… but at what price?

As a former accountant… it all comes down to money which does indeed make their world go around. When Bill Gates donates $870 million to Johns Hopkins is he a philanthropist helping humanity or a profit-driven, tech-obsessed, sociopathic billionaire who boasted on mainstream media that his $10 billion ‘investment’  in vaccines would generate $200 billion. Surely nobody could be so naive to believe he would give $7 billion to the WHO just to be nice? Based on his attempts to sterilise teenage girls in Kenya and the thousands of paralysed children from his polio vaccine that got him thrown out of India… it staggers me that there is anyone left who could be so naive about ‘philanthropy’, otherwise known as money laundering, tax fraud, insider trading and medical experimentation for a purely financial and profit-driven investment and depopulation agenda because sick people are worth more than healthy. For the first time in human history, millions of people are finally aware of it, the question is what are we going to do about this nightmare?

Numbers are beyond ego… trillions was stolen and millions are dying… wake up world!

Love Amber Q. xx