by Ivor Catt




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    Introduction – The Holt Dictum – Knowledge as Property – New Knowledge – Growth of Knowledge – Need for a System of Communication – References
  • Displacement Currentand how to get rid of it, I. Catt, M.F. Davidson, D.S. Walton, Wireless World, December 1978\\“To enable the continuity of electric current to be retained across a capacitor Maxwell proposed a “displacement current”. By treating the capacitor as a special kind of transmission line this mathematical convenience is no longer required. …“
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    “A major advance in electromagnetic theory, which I shall call the transition from Theory N to Theory H, was made by Oliver Heaviside a century ago. What is proposed here is a transition from Theory H to a third theory, Theory C. …..”


  • The Hidden Message in Maxwell’s Equations, Did Maxwell lodge with his bank the answer to his mathematical bluff, Maxwell’s Equations, with instructions to open and publish a century later? And did the bank lose the envelope? Electronics & Wireless World, November 1985
    Eine deutsche Übersetzung finden Sie hier:
  • The deeper hidden message in Maxwell’s Equations, Why have Maxwell’s Equations survived for so long?”, Electronics & Wireless World, December 1985


  • The Kernel Logic Machine, Cost-effective array of a million computers is ideally suited to Europe’s air traffic control problem, weather forecasting, and a host of hitherto impossible tasks,