The Tombstone Formula

It violates the basic laws of thermodynamics on account of making temperature non-intensive! You are invited to prove that temperature is not intensive and Hawkings formula is correct. We are very curious if there is a single one from all the journalists, scientists, professors and students, who overpraised Hawking at any possibility now will defend his tombstone formula.

“This editorial decision did not however in my view come within a hundred miles of suppressing some valuable revolutionary new idea in basic physics. The idea that I ought to have raised it at the IOP Council never, and I would claim rightly, crossed my mind.”

Dr. Archibald Howie

Perhaps Dr. Howie, former Head of the Cavendish, will then tell us why the scientific community, including himself, have not acknowledged the fact that the equation scribbled into the tombstone of Stephen Hawking, writ large, in stone, in Westminster Abbey, is nonsense, because it violates the basic laws of thermodynamics on account of making temperature non-intensive, when, by the 0th and 2nd laws of thermodynamics, temperature is always intensive (if temperature is not intensive then it is not physics). I predict that Dr. Howie will not, once again, acknowledge this fact, invoking silence instead, yet again; a standard method used broadly by the scientific community to suppress the scientific facts. Hawking’s tombstone equation is an absurdity that exceeds the bounds of gross stupidity, revealing that Hawking and his numerous colleagues are quite incompetent and have never been otherwise. Will Dr. Howie raise this matter before the IOP Council? Or will he hide the truth, from students, from the public at large, from all and sundry? All the members Royal Astronomical Society have chosen stony silence, led by its president, professor Mike Cruise, as have all the members of the Royal Society and the Royal Institution, all the officials and scientific advisers at the Stephen Hawking Foundation, and all the officials at Westminster Abbey; all of whom, along with Dr. Howie, were notified of the falsity of the tombstone equation some time ago.
Stephen J. Crothers

You are invited to write a scientific comment or to prove that temperature is not intensive to the address of Steve Crothers