Ned Smith (alias) – an example of academic freedom

This diagram hasn’t been commented since more than 40 years! Are scientists really this fearful and uncertain about their own knowledge to destroy their carreer by discussing it?
If one of you textbookwriters and professors are audacious enough – write your comment to

Isn’t that dynamite?

A PhD student fully salaried by the IEEE is advised that if in his research report he refers to cattq, , his salary will disappear. Why do you just trot off such an email without any evidence that you appreceiate such information is dynamite? IEEE peer reviewed articles, one by an IEEE editor, defamed and misrepresented me. In this situation we are almost home and dry, and prove that the whole dirty gang (evolved conspiracy, not conspiracy ) ) have captured all the commanding heights of science. Professor Bruce Charlton ;

This PhD student recently has finished his studies and was graduated, following the advice of his professors to eliminate in his dissertation all literal refernces to Ivor Catt’s work. Nevertheless congratulations!
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